5 Tips: What To Look For In A Home Water Filter

More and more people realize the importance of a home water filter now a days. They no longer consider home water filters as a luxurious thing but rather an important part of every household. The benefits that a Home Water Filter might give are already well-known, yet a question remains unanswered: what is the best home water filter that is available on the market currently? Everyone wants to make sure that the water they drink everyday is safe for their health and the health of their family.

The fact is; there are times when your tap water isn’t as clean as it should be. A lot of things do happen that makes the water that comes to your home contaminated with substances and can endanger your health. Also, there might be chlorine used to remove microorganisms in your water but can cause issues to your body if used in a long term. Chlorine can cause cancer and other skin and hair issues. The easiest and obvious solution for this problem is by getting a good home water filter system for your whole house. A good whole house water filter system will be able to cleanse your tap water from unwanted substances, sediment and chlorine, thus increasing the quality of the water that you use for drinking and bathing. Here are some criteria of a good whole house water filter system: It must possess an adequate flow rate. Flow rate is measured in GPM (Gallon Per minute). It determines the quantity of water which is available to be distributed to your toilet, shower, dishwasher, hot water heater, etc. Highly depends on your family size and the maximum usage, the device water need is ranging from 15 to 40 GPM to maximally remove all contaminants and provide a sufficient supply of filtered water to your home. It should include a large sized filter. Technically, a larger filter means a larger amount of flowing water and higher pressure. Also, this will impact the life span of the filter itself so that you do not have to change it as often. Its filter should also have a longer life span. Get the filters that can survive after filtering approximately 100,000 to 150,000 gallons. It must be made from totally safe materials. This can be indicated by the certifications from NSF or other reputable independent labs. Certification informs you about the contaminants that can be removed by your filtration device.

A simple example of a certification type is: NSF 42 certified devices can eliminate chlorine and sediment, but cannot remove microorganisms. By reading the certification, you will know the quality of the filters being used within your home water filter system including any replacement filters in the future. Reputable suppliers usually put the certifications of their products on their websites so that the customers can check it freely. Lastly, the manufacturer must make the spare parts of their product available in the market. It should be easy to find replacement parts should something become broken. It wouldn’t make sense to have to replace your entire system just because there is a single part that is damaged.

Moreover, good suppliers will provide a good warranty period for their customers. Besides providing you with healthier drinking water, a whole house water filter system can also save you money because you do not need to buy bottled water any longer. Other advantage is that you will have healthier skin and hair because you will always bathe with chlorine-free water. If you wish to get the best natural quality water in your home, your best option is by getting a whole home water filter system.

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